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Event Production

International Game Online Competition at The Stone hotel Bali, Support rental Sound, Lighting, Genset

Wedding Party

we are in bali provide the rental of sound, lighting, generator set, pyrotech and others for the success of your wedding party  

sound broadcast at udayana bali

we’ve been working on a live broadcast at Udayana University Bali with metro tv (matanajwa), we support sound, lighting, multimedia and generator set.

Rental sound jakarta

Kahitna, Afgan, Koes Plus, Faris RM, Maliq d essential [nggallery id=8]  

Microsoft asia conference

Microsoft asia conference at Ayana resort and Rimba resort Bali 11 – 15 November 2013 [nggallery id=7].

rental lighting bali

rental lighting acara gathering Pimpinan Redaksi (PEMRED) di The Stone hotel, kuta [nggallery id=1]      

rental sound debat cagub bali

tgl 10 mei 2013 debat cagub bali di aston denpasar, live at METRO TV

rental sound wedding bali

Sound wedding at Villa ubud, The Phalosa seminyak &  The Ritual uluwatu

Rental sound MICE

asia pacific education at BICC westin nusa dua bali

Rental sound broadcast

live broadcast with METRO TV at Kartika plaza hotel bali